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To the user Nickypickle, seeing as how you've blocked me so that I cannot reply to you directly in the PM's, I figure I'll take this argument outside. I don't blame you for blocking me though, it's the usual response of a coward who know's that they can't actually defend what they've said, but I'm not the type to leave something alone when someone challenges me. And I do take you messaging me with the same bull that you have in the past 7 messages and then blocking me as a challenge.

Just a little back story, for anyone else who ends up reading this, the user Nickypickle decided to leave a long winded, troll-esque rant on Kirbopher's TOME: Hackers short, in which, among other things, he proclaimed anyone who gave the flash over a 5 a "dumb fuck". Of course, being the kind of troll who thinks that all people fear his imagined intellect, he was shocked when I PM'd him and called him out on this and asked him why he thought it was ok to insult Kirbopher's whole fan base. I made it expressly clear that I wanted this to be a simple, civil explanation, but of course this wasn't what happened. He opened up his first reply with, among other things, the phrase "You don't now who I am, do you?", as if I'm supposed to know who some random troll on the internet is, and then proceeded to go on a long rant about how he "isn't uncivil or obscene" and that he's "a writer", and how he "respects other people's opinions", but all the while contradicting these things he had said as well. Then he wrote a follow up message, which I shall transcribe here in full:

"Oh look, you did give a review to TOME short. You gave it a "9", how thoughtful.
Maybe you should really think about what you wrote, because I feel disgusted how much of a disgrace you are, after I looked at your user page.
This sums up pretty well, now doesn't it?
You didn't even read half my review, I can see.
Go have fun at McDonalds, I hope they have enough Happy Meals.

Civil indeed, automatically assuming that just because I don't have the time or tools to commit to a flash animation of my own that I am a "disgrace". From here, his replies to my messages degraded into a series of grammatically challenged, barely coherent rants, on the intellectual level of the Ultimate Warrior, each one starting off claiming that he would be civil, and then devolving into a narcissistic insult cannon in which he tries to show that my opinion is wrong and turn my points against me without any grounds for doing so. He even, at one point, said that people do not have the right to stand up for other people who are being harassed, and wouldn't you know it, he couldn't defend the statement when I called him out on it. He didn't even try. In the final message that he left me, after I thought we were done with the conversation, he left one last rehashing of the same bogus rant that he had written 4 times before, and blocked me so that I couldn't call him out on his insanity. So, I have decided to place my final response to this madman here, because I spent my time writing it, so I might as well post it somewhere.

Just for the record, since you don't seem like the kind of person who's capable of piecing this together yourself, I was aware that you didn't take anything I had said about your mass insult to Kirbopher's fan base to heart when we last left off, and yet still tried to end things on a more positive and civil note. But it seems that civility falls on deaf ears in this conversation, and I do grow tired of you using my age, which you don't even know, as a way to somehow justify discounting what I say. Also, if you're going to start off your message with a statement about how you don't intend to be a troll or nuisance, try not to spend the rest of the message crassly insulting me about things you don't know and subjects you don't understand.

First of all, I can barely understand anything you type, because it's mostly a garbled mess of incorrect grammar and bizarre sentence structures. You often seem to start on a topic, place down a comma, and then continue with the topic in a way that doesn't flow at all, without any logical transition, and it looks like you don't even proof read your messages before you send them. If you are, indeed, a writer, as you claim to be, then your writing tactic in this seems to be coming up with the most broken, fractal sentences that you can think of, and hope that I get confused and just go away.

Second, I read the majority of the negative reviews all the way through, as boring as it was to do so, and for the most part they all said the exact same subjective things. Now, if you'd taken your own criticisms to heart, and actually read more than half of my review, you'd see that I did not discount the negative criticisms as being worthless or stupid, and in fact confirmed that they were valid. However, I also expressed that they were very small, not noticed by me or the other fans, and that they shouldn't be getting all of the other reviewers so riled up. And I do have proof that you either didn't read my review, or were too incompetent to understand any of it, because after I said my little bit about Hayao Miyazaki, I made a comment about the irony in the statement. Because you clearly didn't get the irony, or perhaps just don't know what irony is, let me spell it out for you. My statement is ironic because nobody here is as good as Hayao Miyazaki. I made a statement that held them to bogus standards, because they keep trying to hold Kirbopher to bogus standards. He has already stated, on multiple occasions to multiple people, that he is going to make and release these flashes, on average, every month, and so he is unable to make the utterly perfect work that everyone expects of him, and meet this time schedule that he has set for himself. He has the right to do things his way, and if that means doing less than perfect work on a more frequent time scale, then that's the end of it.

Third, I don't think my opinion means anything to anyone, except of course for you, because you keep trying to convince me that my opinion is wrong, so clearly, you care a great deal about it. My only hope in posting those reviews was for some of the negative reviewers to read it and maybe consider not repeating the same tired complaints that everyone else already complained about, and maybe not voice their opinions in a way that, as I stated before, is substantially less enjoyable to read than the thing they are complaining about.

Now, moving on to you. You automatically, and might I say predictably at this point, turn to insulting my intelligence because I disagree with you, specifically turning to calling me a "kid" or other such age based assumptions that you have no evidence to back. Leaving aside the fact that age based insults are stupid in the first place, especially considering that most 12 year olds are smarter than you anyway, you have no idea how old I am, what I do, or how intelligent I really am. I actually considered telling you how old I am at one point, but I decided that if you were actually an intelligent, civil person, you would know that age does not determine the validity or intelligence of someones comments, and the fact that you automatically discount the opinions of people you deem to be "kids" not only makes you stupid, but also a horrible person. I don't think my opinions are the words of God, I don't think I'm the King of the Portal, and I don't go out of my way to irritate people just for the sake of irritating them. I'm just a person who likes Kirbopher's work, and doesn't like to be called a dumb fuck because of it.

The reason that I rated those flashes 9 and 10 is because I found them to be entertaining, visually pleasing, funny, and I didn't see any major flaws that needed to be changed for me to like it. That is the purpose of the reviews section, to tell it the way you saw it, good and bad, and I did just that. My review of the actual flash would have been just as short and sweet as it's section is if I had not gone on the tangent about the negative reviews. There are plenty of things out there that are far better than Kirbopher's work, this is true, but that doesn't make Kirbopher's work bad, and it certainly doesn't mean that I can't enjoy Kirbopher's work just as much as those other things.

Oh, and just a little tip, go look at the top review for TOME: Episode 02. Egorapor, who previously laid down a negative review just like the ones I was complaining about, left a short, complimentary review. It is, in all likelihood, a sarcastic comment, but he decided this time to not restate the same things that Kirbopher has heard and addressed over and over again, and that's one step towards what I hoped to accomplish with my review. There is, of course, no way to prove whether or not he decided to do this after reading my review, or even that he read my review at all, but it's a step in my direction none the less.

Here's something to ponder: You may think that I'm stupid and childish for liking Kirbopher's work, but isn't it better to be a fool who enjoys many things, rather than an unpleasable cynic who only enjoys utter perfection? I can't say this for certain, because I can't see your face, but from the way you've been replying to me, I get the impression that I'm a lot happier than you. Hate me all you want, but at least I enjoy things.

Well, there we go. I know that, more likely than not, the intended recipient won't end up viewing this, but I don't really care at this point.

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